Research Paper

I am just about to turn in my research paper, and let me say it has been a wonderful experience.  I have learned so much from this whole process.  It has been very rewarding to have a full 12 page research paper plus a annotated bibliography.  I am very happy with what I have accomplished.  This class has been a pleasure and just like 1101 it was fantastic!  Thanks professor for all of your hard work and pushing us to do our best.

Jimmy Beck


I can’t believe March is almost over.  I feel like I have grown so much from English 1101 until now.  I have learned so much that I did not already know.  I continue to learn each day I step foot into the class room and that is something I enjoy.  I have learned countless things that I know will be beneficial in the future.  Who knows maybe I will be helping my child construct a rhetorical analysis and can give them some pointers.  It will be a great feeling when they call on me for help and I feel equipped to help them.  This semester has been great so far and I plan to finish strong.


one of my favorite genres of writing in the readings is the Sonnet that is on page 143.  I love sonnets and find them to be quite intriguing.  They are always so fun and catchy.  You may be asking what is a sonnet.  Well…a sonnet is a poem of 14 lines using any rhyme scheme.  I remember back in middle school and even high school learning about sonnets.  Not only did I learn about them I also have written a sonnet or two.  They are actually very fun to construct since you must build around the rhyme scheme in a sense.

The Beast

Check this out it is what I wrote for Civics it is about the President’s vehicle he travels in.

Last Sunday I watched a special Discovery channel episode on “The Beast” which is the Cadillac that President Barack Obama rides in.  This is believed to be the toughest armored car in the world.  Most of the details of the limousine are classified due to the fact that it protects our nations President.  However, it is common knowledge that the car has run flat tires which are tires that are really tough and can sustain just about anything.  The tires make the car drivable for a period of time if for some reason the tires do end up being punctured.  The doors to The Beast are believed to weigh as much as the doors on a Boeing 757 airplane.  The fuel-tank on the vehicle is leak-proof and explosive resistant.  The windows are bullet proof in fact they are 5 inches thick!  Due to the thickness of the car and how heavy duty it is the sound outside the vehicle is heard via speaker inside the car.  The vehicle has a variety of weapons at its disposable such as tear gas, rpgs, or anti-tank missiles should it be threatened.  However, one thing that could be improved on in the beast is its eco friendliness it gets a mere 8 miles to the gallon.  The Beast makes up just a small part of the President’s motorcade which is generally around 45 vehicles.  The Beast is driven by a highly trained secret service member that can perform very special driving maneuvers.  It sure would be cool to ride in this vehicle.  

Class so far

Class so far this semester is going quite well! I enjoy the group work in class. It allows me to become familiar with the topics before I have to explore them on my own.  I feel great about my first essay which I received a 90 on.  This is a vast improvement over my first paper of last semester.  I have learned a lot while being with Mrs. Garrett.  I look forward to continue success for the rest of the semester.  I am a little unsure about the upcoming essay though.


I am very excited about using Tumblr throughout this upcoming semester.  I think it is a wonderful idea and will prove to be a fun project during the semester.  I work for the Radio Station in my hometown and cover sports for them and post stories to their wesbite.  I also have my own personal wordpress blog and have recently created my own Jbeck’s Sports Coverage facebook page.  I would love for you to LIKE the facebook page here it is: http://www.facebook.com/jbecksports .  I look forward to continue to update my Tumblr!  Thanks for having us do this!